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Shanghai MITSUBISHI Passenger Conveyor

 Shanghai MITSUBISHI Passenger Conveyor

Traveling on the Mitsubishi passenger conveyor will make passengers feel that they are traveling through a quiet time tunnel, so as to enable them to have a rest from the busy lift and travel forward while enjoying rest.

The Mitsubishi passenger conveyor is outfitted with a range of safety protectors. Its full-computerized electric control system can disconnect the power supply promptly if the operation is abnormal. The application of several energy-saving technologies constantly saves operational cost for users. The unique damping and noise reducing structure provides passengers with comfortable, stable and quiet experience in traveling.

The Mitsubishi passenger conveyor is not only advanced in technology, but also beautiful in appearance. Handrail in fashionable color, colored glass plate, landing plate pressed by steel and with high wear resistance, quiet and smooth light from the beneath of handrail will bring you to enjoy a colorful and gorgeous world, experience elegancy and nobility while having a rest.


Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator is from Japanese Mitsubishi, a base of elevators and escalators in Shanghai, is offering various kinds of passenger conveyors to meet different customer demands. Mitsubishi Elevator Shanghai is providing moving walkways for use in commercial centers such as shopping malls, airports and railway stations. Welcome to use Mitsubishi elevators and escalators.